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In this episode we talk about our Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018 misadventures at the best horror convention in Texas.

A Quiet Place Review

In this episode we talk about the intense new horror film A QUIET PLACE. Shhhhhh!

The Ritual Review

In this episode we talk about the Netflix Original Horror film "The Ritual".

In this episode we sit down and review the Netflix post Super Bowl surprise release film CLOVERFIELD PARADOX.

It Follows Review

In this episode we hit the ground walking and talk about the film IT FOLLOWS. 

High Tension Review

We do a quick review and talk about the gory twisted french horror film HIGH TENSION from Alexandre Aja.

Here is our Best of 2017 episode we talk about our horror favorites for 2017 and we even get into talking about some of our all time favorite horror flicks.

The Final Massacre In Texas (Part 5) The final part of our Texas Chainsaw Massacre series episodes.

IT (2017) Review

We finally fixed the damged audio file of our IT (2017) review that we recorded a few months back for the films's theatrical release.

Texas Reboot Massacre (Part 4) We continue our Texas Chainsaw Massacre series reviews this time talking about the Hewitt reboot series from Platinum Dunes The Texas Chainsaw Massac...

Texas Cheezwhiz Massacre (Part 3) is the continuation of our review of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series this time we cover Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III and Texas Chai...

A Halloween Night Of Netflix Frights Fun horror on Netflix, our go to halloween picks and Night Terrors what could go wrong with this Special Halloween episode?

Oh my aching bannana, here is Chapter 2 of our Texas Chainsaw Massare series where we talk about Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ch.1 - Blowin’ Raspberries We get together in this episode and talk about the 1974 classic film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre from the late director Tobe Ho...

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